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      제    목:   Omnipresent
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One time two Christian Evangelists visited the Irvine California Zen
and Son Academy and knocked on the door.
Master Muvong greeted them and asked,
"Where do you come from?"
"We came from the church", they replied.
Master said, "What do you want?"
"Do you believe in God", they asked.
"I believe in God", responded the Master.
They asked, "But, you are different, are you Buddhist or
"I'm no different from you. I'm not even a Buddhist. You are",
Master answered.
"No, we are not!" they exclaimed.
"Prove that you are not Buddhist", Master challenged.
"We don't believe in Buddha," they replied simultaneously.
"I do believe in God, yet, I am still Buddhist." Master said.
"Do you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God?" They asked.
"I believe Everyone is a child of God in Nature, not just Jesus,"
Master said and then posed a question to them:
"Where is the God in Jesus? Can you tell me? The Master stared
intently at the evangelists.
"God is in Heaven”, one answered.Master continued:
"Where is the Heaven?"
They both pointed toward the clear sky above and said,
Master immediately pointed down at the ground and inquired of
them,"How about here?"
Quickly they replied, "God is omnipresent."
"If so, is God also in dung and dog-shit, and in your intestines,
too?" There was no response and the Master continued,
"What is God?"
"He is the creator," they answered.
Master asked:
"In your intestines, how can he create the whole world? What is
His name at that time other than Dung of Dog?" Master sadly told
them, "Go back where you came from, get ready for more complete fulfillment and prepare for
better knowledge. Some day we can chat and drink tea together
without arguing."

Master composed a gatha:

God is no-where while one wanders
In and out of the thoughts and speculating entanglements.
Don't ask where God is; he already disappeared.
Don't doubt God in you; He goes no-where else.
Buddha has no name; just like you.
Buddha has so many names; just like you.
If you believe, then he is no-where.
If you don't believe, then he is every-where.

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