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What is Zen? Yelling without tongue.
What is Buddha? Talking mouth is the source of all mistakes.
What is the utmost word of all Teachings?
Woon-moon said, "cooky."
If you are standing under this words, it is tasty but also poisonous.

Buddha does not know who Buddha is; just like God.
Buddha has never said I am; just like Jesus Christ.
Buddha does not teach any word; only un-knowers do.
True believer never says believe me; only un-believers do.
Ignorant believers say there is truth; truth cannot ex-ist at all.

Eyes cannot read this book, and Hands cannot open this either.
Thought and belief is the tool of Ordinary-beings and poor creatures.
Do not even open this book if you believe God or Buddha;
Do not read this book if you think you under-stand Buddha.
Stone-man reads letter-less book with living eye-ball.

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