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First, you have to clarify who was the translator.
The words he put here do not seem to be right. Any
Patriarch who is up to say 'stages' whether it is for
cultivating practice or even the mind-level, does not exist
in our patriarchal tradition.

Each stage carries a sense of very concrete ladder-like
development or the necessary tasks to be higher. But, in
our mind we cannot assume any kind of development or higher
level; at least we cannot say this.
'The Mystic Path' is also not right. Because it does not
carry the meaning, spiritual or ascetic, either one at all.
Reading many books, experiencing all kinds of situations, or
meeting many master-mentors are self-examinination to see
the self.

Second, holding on to one kind of doctrine is like taking medicine,
not for the medical righteousness, but for the price and
famous brand.

Third, these are the ascetic Bhikkus. One has to
free from outside matters to attain the internal sight or,
so to speak, ultimate Nirvana, which is the final goal.

Finally, 'the inexpressible reality' is only the word.
We and he are also talking about himself, whether it came from
his own understanding or self-realization. He already verbally
expressed the inexpressible things to be imagined.
Why did he say that? We and he have the same experiences, which
is hidden from worldly concept, to be sure, as un-examined expression
is hidden from ordinary meaning and sense. To avoid those tainted
concepts he had to say that word. To be useful for the sincere
student who studies the ultimate truth, if you want to say
this word, understand it well.

Fifth and forth are same as we mentioned before.

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