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      제    목:   The Six Stages Of The Mystic Path
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Master Padmasambhava, in 750 AD, said the following:

The Six Stages Of The Mystic Path

1. To Read a large number of books on the various
religions and philosophies. To listen to many learned
doctors professing different doctrines. To experiment
oneself with a number of methods.

2. To choose a doctrine among the many one has studied
and discard the other ones, as the eagle carries off only
one sheep from the flock.

3. To remain in a lowly condition; humble in one’s
demeanor, not seeking to be conspicuous or important
in the eyes of the world, but behind apparent insignificance,
to let one’s mind soar high above all worldly power and glory.

4. To be indifferent to all, behaving like the dog or pig
that eat what chance brings them. Not making any choice
among the things which one meets. Abstaining from
any effort to acquire or avoid anything. Accepting with
an equal indifference whatever comes; riches or poverty,
praise or contempt. Giving up the distinction between
virtue and vice, honorable and shameful, good and evil.
Being neither afflicted nor repenting whatever one may
have done and, on the other hand, never being elated or
proud on account of what one has accomplished.

5. To consider with perfect equanimity and detachment
the conflicting opinions and the various manifestations
of the activity of beings. To understand that such is the
nature of things, the inevitable mode of action of each
entity and to remain always serene. To look at the world
as a man standing on the highest mountain of the country
looks at the valleys and the lesser summits spread out below

6. It is said that the sixth stage cannot be described in words.
It corresponds to the realization of the void; the inexpressible
reality. (Padmasambhava 750 AD)

Question for Master:

These words seem filthy and affected, yet Padmasambhava
is the great Master of Tibetan Buddhism; the Middle Way is the
great foundation of Mahayana Buddhism. They say that Buddha, himself,
spoke in different ways to different disciples. Is Master speaking
here truthfully? In raising Patriarchal Faith, is this kind of
discussion useful?

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