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      제    목:   Faith?
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Faith is defined in various dictionaries as follows:

In Sanskrit: Faith = confident= steadfast.
Faith is what you know to be true.
Faith is confidence.
Faith is unquestioning belief.
Faith is complete trust without evidence.

Asavaghosha said:

“Declare that there is a truth which can arouse the
root of Faith.”

Nagarjuna said :

“In the great sea of Buddha’s teaching, Faith is that
by which one can enter.

In Hua Yen it is said:

“Faith is the origin of the Way.”

Fa-Tsang said:

“For those who wish to now enter the unobstructed
dharma realm, it is essential to arouse a resolute faith.”

Pojo said:

“You should know that only when Faith and
understanding are combined can one enter Nirvana.”


The Christian Saint Augustine said:

“Faith precedes reason.”

Some sincere questions for the Master in regard to Patriarchal Faith:

How and by what can a student raise Patriarchal

Does Patriarchal Faith awaken by itself?

If all dharmas are originally empty; is
Patriarchal Faith also empty?

Prior to the awakening of Patriarchal Faith, is
Buddhist practice possible?

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