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      제    목:   Relative & Absolute Truths?
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How are they possible, two heads of truth?
On the one hand it is relative,
On the other hand it is absolute?

Suffering is only suffering;
How and by what can this suffering be called holy or noble?
What is the reason Buddha has to say truthful suffering?

Suffering cannot be at hand.
It's cause is only our reasonable contemplation.
It ends by itself: no way to be ended by others.

One who thinks there are some noble truths,
He is humiliating Buddha by killing the awakening.
Truth is nothing for itself and has never existed in itself.

Truth does not have two mouths nor two right arms.
Once it was spoken as it is; it cannot allow second thought.
When it touches one side, the other side is hidden openly.

Truth is guessed by us to be truthful;
Truth is explained by us to be believed.
Truth, for and in itself, does not know those concerns.

But: B-cause U-think T-hat,
It does not mean we cannot talk about the truth.
Nothing comes from something which doesn't exist.

Even though we are departed east and west,
As soon as we think truthfully
You faced east while I faced west, laughing at each other.

Don't guess the truth
Do not even figure that the truth has non-existence.
While we think, we cannot hide behind our thought.

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