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      제    목:   Relative & Absolute 4 Noble Truths
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Buddha said:

Suffering exists.
Suffering has a cause
Suffering has an ending.
There is a path to ending suffering.

But in ‘Madhyamakakarika’, Nagarjuna said:

By the two truths
Buddha’s teachings are given:
‘absolute truth’ and ‘relative truth’.
Those who do not know the difference
Do not know the deep truths of Buddhism.
Without depending on the ‘relative truth’,
The ‘absolute truth’ cannot be expressed.
Without knowing the ‘absolute Truth’,
No-one enters nirvana.

A question for the Master: In Patriarchal Buddhism can the Four Noble Truths be understood as follows?

Suffering does not exist in itself.

Suffering is caused when thought arises.

Suffering ends when mind disappears.

This is called the Path

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