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      제    목:   Four Noble Truths
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Even if you are the Buddha,
This Buddha does not carry the actual body;

It has the formal entity: the real body of Enlightenment
but as we can see, it is clearly hidden.

Maybe this is the reason it is called 'real' yet 'without reality.'
No one under this world and above this world is Buddha
At the same time everyone is already Buddha in themselves.

This conflict arose from the human-mind;
Men want to be physical-beings as much as they want to be mental.
After all, this is not conflict nor harmony.
It is simply a human delusion.

Suffering is not the result of being here.
Cause is not the beginning point of being.
Be-coming nothing is not the destiny of being.
Nirvana, which is Tao, is not the final result of being.

Suffering is our interpretation of the world;
Cause is our awareness turning the being-outside around Self:
Becoming nothing is the faith to be in reality;
Nirvana is our hermeneutics of the Self-awakening.

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