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      제    목:   Nirvana
      작성자:   urbuddha   []

What is the Nirvana?

Not a thing under heaven, nothing above heaven.


1. The death of all beings.
2. The utmost happiness.
3. The end of life.

Are we most of the time confused by this word, Nirvana? Then, ask
all the time, …"what is the nirvana?"

Each and every dharma[being] is subject to change.
That means, being is only called being under the condition of change.
If being is called being without specified existence,
this is only our idea of being without any reality.
If being is not real and only idea in itself,
then nothing in the world can be said to really exist.

Being, mere concept of reality, is subject to belief.
Logically speaking for us, something has to be here or there.
But this statement must be believed for us to understand.
Any being must ask us to be believed in itself.
As the creator of concepts and ideas, we understand it and also call it
human-being, we, homo-sapiens, the intellect, the reason, and so forth.

Human-beings want to think for themselves, which is I.
I am the creator of all being.
Each and every being came to the world through this I.
The creator, I, is called God sometimes for some human beings.
Belief of being is still going on,
Because there is not a thing that can be believed and then not be believed.
It shouldn't be called belief if it is changeable.
It shouldn't be called being if it is not changeable.
So, being and belief are coordinated naturally while they are different.
All change requires belief in being; identity.

Change and metamorphosis is the destiny of being.
Idea and concept have to be permanent.
Yet, there is not a thing that can exist without name and form.
Name and form is, at least, forever.
But, the existence of that owner of name and form is not real.
It is the idea and name of our thought.

Each moment each being goes awry.
It destroys it’s former being and idea.
Just like water be-comes to be ice.
Be-coming is each and every being's fate after all.
It be-comes a new and different thing, at least for us.
Even though it is called change, because of this change,
it is called same and forever.
All this is for Nirvana.

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