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      제    목:   Who Are You?
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Dualista Asked Master Kristo; “What is the so-called Buddha?”
Master Kristo Answered; “I want to tell you the truth, but I'm
afraid you wouldn't believe what I say.”
Dualista said; “I heard you are the venerable one in whom
everyone trusts and takes refuge, why shouldn't you tell me?”
Master Kristo said; “You don't even trust yourself, how can
you trust me to say the truth and how can you believe in me?”
Dualista asked again; “What should I do?”
Master Kristo answered; “Why don't you ask that same question
to yourself, instead?”
Dualista said; “Can you tell me what to do?”
Master Kristo said; “How do you assure yourself that you can
understand and act as I said? Is that because you can believe
me, or not?”
Dualista said; “I think not-believing you also means that I
cannot believe in me either. Believing someone is actually
the same as disclosing myself to be one with the world.”
Kristo asked; “Then, you and I be-come one, since you believe
in me?”
Dualista said; “Yes.”
Kristo asked; “What am I, then?”
Dualista said; “How should I know?”
Kristo said; “What are you, then?”
Dualista said; “I still don't know.”
Kristo said; “How do you know you don't know?”
Dualista asked; “I believe I am originally a Buddha.”
Kristo said; “What is the Buddha?”
Dualista said; “Buddha is the sacred and fully awakened one,
I guess.”
Kristo asked; “From where did he come? Do you understand?”
Dualista answered; “He came from India; isn't it true?”
Kristo said; “Did you originally come from India too?”
Dualista answered; “I came from Philadelphia, U.S.A., not
Kristo asked; “Who is the Buddha originally; not concerning
America or India?”
Dualista answered; “We are not talking about the person then?”
Kristo asked; What is the Buddha originally; same as you?”
Dualista said; “I cannot see anything, and dunno what to say.”
Kristo said; “Even though you are originally the Buddha in
your mind, you are nothing but a pitiable creature knowing not
a thing in your mind. Why does it happen to you?”
Dualista said; “I am Buddha, but at the same time I am not a
Buddha at all.”
Kristo said; “What a pitiful Buddha.”

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